Who I Am

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My name is Tony Roberts.

I am a man with an unquiet mind who has a way with words.

I read. I write.  I teach.  I drink coffee.

I write about such things as mental health, faith, art, and culture.

I have recently written a spiritual memoir entitled Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission as part of a larger mission to bridge faith and mental illness. (For more information, visit our indiegogo site here.

I count John Prine as my muse and Iris Dement as my soul mate (they just aren’t aware of it yet).

In spite of quasi-Luddite convictions to the contrary, you can find me at my website, on Facebook or Twitter  , or e-mail me – tony@awaywithwordsforyou.com

Thanks for dropping by.  Next time, why not stay for coffee? Or, for my British blogging buddies, “A spot of tea?”

16 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. It’s 2:00AM and I just woke up and realised I forgot to include the Award in my post. It’s there now. I plead a blonde moment even though I’m not blonde 🙂

  2. Hi Tony, I wanted to come by and apologize for my lack of response when you invited me to join the revolution! 🙂 I have been somewhat negligent in my blogging lately so I missed the boat on that one. Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m going to poke around here some more, your About page has piqued my interest!

  3. Hello, Tony! You are one of the fifteen bloggers I nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The award says it all, I guess, and I believe you deserve it. Cheers! Congrats! =) — Francis

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