A Family Inheritance

silver spoon


She stared at her reflection in the silver spoon.

It was her Nanna’s.

The spoon, not her reflection.


Her face was her father’s.

And she hated him for it.

It was all he left behind.

(first line provided as a “Write Now” prompt from Today’s Author)

image above “silver spoon” from Sonya Esteves in d i y ♦ u t e n s i l ♦ a r t

Potentially Praiseworthy Poems Posted on WordPress

In the tenth post of Christmas, I truly give to you…


Lately, I’ve been on a poetry kick.  I’ve been spending hours browsing posts tagged “poems” and “poetry” on WordPress.  I’m searching various websites that post classic poetry that has reached the public domain. I even tried my hand at writing a poem (my first in over 20 years), prompted by a post at Today’s Author.

I didn’t want all my poetic prodding to go for naught, so I thought I’d share with you a few selections, with links to the poems and poetry blogs I believe are worthy of your attention.  But before I get to the list, I’d like to share just 3 of the things I look for in a good poem.

1)  Illustrative detail.  Show me what sadness looks like – clearly.  Don’t tell me you are sad – over and over again.  Writing is therapeutic, but the casual reader shouldn’t have to play the role of the therapist.

2) Joy in the language.  I particular appreciate those few-and-far between poems that are playful and poignant at the same time.  Rhythm, alliteration, even an occasional rhyme or half-rhyme all serve to distinguish a good poem from the rest of the lot.

3) Meaningful imagery.  Really good poems can take a single word-object, like a diamond, and let it shine throughout the lines such that it stays with you for a long, long time.

Now… here are five poems (in no particular order) found one Friday night –

Carpe Diem #82 Withered Mums” (High Five and Raspberries) – Quite simply, the best example of haiku I’ve read in years.

A Poem for Victoria Justice” (Kidz Showz) – I liked many things about this modern romantic epic – I’ll name three. 1) It has creative rhymes. 2) It’s cute and creepy at the same time. and 3) It’s self-deprecating in its humor, yet smart…  Oh, and the hot philanthropist in the photo is a real babe.

Unit 5 Dementia” (Plucky Umbrella) – Both the look of this post and the poem itself convey the heart-wrenching experience of so many who struggle as their minds slip away.  This poem is gut-wrenching not because it tries to be emotional, but because it is true to something tragic.

That Girl” (River Song) – A hauntingly beautiful poem the depicts the pressure placed on what is precious.

Slipped Embers” (Bruised Bones) – On sleepless depression, but so nicely descriptive, it avoids being depressing.

(image “Writing” from Pascal Maramis, some rights reserved)


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