Stereotypes Suck

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Bear with me while I have a moment…

I had an interesting conversation with someone very close to me who said, “The thing about stereotypes is they exist because more often than not, they’re true.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

The problem is, where does that leave the people who don’t fit the stereotypes? The people in the minority. Or even those in the minority of the majority?

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Leanne marvelously battles the stigma of mental illness not with the sharp spears of political debate, but with the smooth stone of story. Thanks, Leanne!

4 thoughts on “Stereotypes Suck

  1. That’s a good write up of you. I hope you get the funding. I really want to read it now. I think there might be more people out there than you think who want to read it. There are a lot of people with the illness and a lot of people who are related or friends with people who have the disorder. Maybe you can think about marketing to mental health hospitals or advocates. Just a thought. I’ll see if I can donate sometime.

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