I’m an Author Now! Just Look at Facebook.

book cover 1

There are only a handful of truly special events in a man’s life…

The day he meets the woman who becomes his wife.

The day he holds his precious child in his two trembling hands.

And the day he sets up a Facebook Author page and begs people to “like” him.

Yes, dear readers, I have reached the pinnacle of success and you (and only you) can help me maintain this mountaintop experience.  Click on Tony Roberts and “like” me.

I can’t promise you health or wealth and we’ve already given away the ginsu knives and the chia pet.  I can only assure you that in God’s economy, we are blessed when we are a blessing.

Gratefully yours,

Tony Roberts, Author (it says so on Facebook)

2 thoughts on “I’m an Author Now! Just Look at Facebook.

  1. I love to see you having fun with this, Tony! 🙂

    One piece of advice about social media in general (now that you are using FB as a business for your author-self): Remember to always keep it as a source of fun and engagement–> don’t ever let it become a source of validation, otherwise you’ll feel very sad.

    • Good words of wisdom. One thing that helps me keep perspective is the teaching of Ecclesiastes, “Vanity, vanity. All is vanity.” I had a brief stint of being popular in high school and college (was even elected student body president with over 80% of the vote), but found my greatest satisfaction in faith and the fellowship of a few close friends. Last night was fun, but I felt much greater joy having lunch with two good friends today. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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