Preparing for the 2013 Midwest Writers Workshop

Picture0723131951_1.jpgThis image is a rather blurry photo of my new promotional cards I’m taking to the Midwest Writers Workshop this weekend. In addition to my name, contact information, and book title, there is a wonderful review from my editor, Leanne Sype which reads, “… a magnificent gem nestled within the muck and mud of uncharted territory.”  Thanks, Leanne.

I’m getting terribly excited about the workshop.  Last night I woke up after midnight and reviewed the schedule.  The sessions I’m attending include–

“Building an Author Website” — Roxane Gay

“Queries That Work” – Amanda Luedeke.

Writing Memoir” – Hank Nuwer

On Friday morning at 9:45, I’ll be making my agent pitch to Amanda Luedeke who represents MacGregor Literary.

On Saturday afternoon at 3:00, my query with be critiqed by Hank Nuwer and at 4:00, my synopsis and 5 pages of my manuscript will be reviewed by Holly Miller (faculty bios are here.)

My pastoral counselor asked me how he might best pray for me while I am at the workshop, and I want to share this with all of you who pray as well.  My prayer is that God would shine “a lamp for my feet” (to keep me from stumbling) and be a “light for my path” (to show me my next step).  I am headed into a vast wilderness and I don’t want to get absorbed by the darkness around me.  Just stay on my feet and keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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