Why I Bought a Kobo E-Reader

Hop on over to my new blog address and discover why I bought a Kobo e-reader —

…  to help break-up that big-bosomed behemoth Amazon before we all become suckling pigs grappling for one massive teat until we starve, get smothered or squashed.  Buying a Kobo, you are at least partially supp0rting Independent bookstores (other hard-working lovable losers.) You can further support local bookstores when you buy e-books through their websites.


Read more by clicking on the title below —

“I Bought a Kobo Because Hirohito Lost the War”

Japan's Emperor Hirohito at Disneyland; 1975

Japan’s Emperor Hirohito at Disneyland; 1975

from Don Payne in Celebs: Worked With ~ Met ~ Seen

2 thoughts on “Why I Bought a Kobo E-Reader

  1. I bought my wife a ‘Kindle Keyboard’ for Mothers Day and I was intrigued enough to buy an E-reader for myself. I chose the ‘Kobo Touch’ just to compare and I’m glad I did. I already had an iPad and so I was really interested in the ‘tablet’ kind of E-reader but at the same time, I liked the color component of that kind of E-reader. Low and behold there was an app where I could enjoy the best of both worlds. I use the Kobo for bedtime reading and my iPhone for those little moments of free time during work hours and it all jigsaws seamlessly.

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