Anybody Got a Teleportation Device for Moving Blog Followers?

Dear Faithful Followers (and interested readers),

I have a blessing and a challenge to report.

The blessing?  I now have 13 followers at my new blog address for “A Way With Words.”

The challenge?  Getting nearly 440 more inspired to move with me to my new digs.

For the time being, unless Moses parts the Internet seas or I discover a magical teleportation device, I will continue to post on both sites.

You can help me, though, by making the move yourself.  Simply click on the link below –

Once there, you will think you are in a parallel “A Way With Words” universe.  Don’t be alarmed.  You are in a friendly place.

Simply go to the top and click on the “Follow” button.  Then, when I do start publishing exclusively at my new address, you won’t miss out on any of the fun.

Beam me up Scotty from Gail Weeks in Yesterday

4 thoughts on “Anybody Got a Teleportation Device for Moving Blog Followers?

  1. Why not put a post on your old blog saying it has a new address. That’s what I did when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Just a thought…

    • I’ve done that twice and could leave it at that. However, if I only do this, my followers at my old address who have yet to follow me to my new address will stop getting my posts in their feeds and I’m afraid I will soon be forgotten.

      Not many of my readers are as faithful as you. 🙂

  2. Hm. Tricky. Is it possible to redirect writingforfoodinindy to awaywithwordsblog? So when people click on the former they’ll be redirected to the latter? Aside from searching Google for a way to “export followers” or “move followers,” I don’t know what else is possible. :/

    • Good question. When I have the chance, I’ll submit this question to the WordPress forum. I’m sure something can be done. It may cost a little something, but it would likely be worth it.

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