The Wiccans and Capitalists Are Following Me – Come Help!

I now have two followers to my new blog address for “A Way With Words”.  One is trying to convert me to Wicca and the other is trying to get me to join an Internet pyramid scheme.

Help!  Click on my new blog address (below) and hit “Follow” before I abandon my faith and join a yacht club.

Money symbol by methane from mOOw in illustracoes

Wiccan Symbol Pendants from Diane Clancy in New Stuff on Zazzle

7 thoughts on “The Wiccans and Capitalists Are Following Me – Come Help!

  1. I wouldn’t worry about those Wiccan’s Tony, they don’t seem evangelist by nature and I’m sure you’re solid enough in your own faith not to be seduced by theirs. But that capitalist pyramid scheme’s after our souls. They (the pyramiders) kept pestering me until I began reporting them for abuse of the blogsphere, then they went away. Congrats on the new look!

  2. The former seems peculiar, as when I was a Wiccan, the books I read all seemed to contain caveats against proselytization. Let those drawn to that particular mystery school come to it on their own.

    Also, on general principle I don’t feel anyone should be badgered into participating in things that don’t interest them, be it covens or pyramid schemes.

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