My Birthday Bash: A Publishing Debut and Sex with a Viking Princess

For a change of pace, I decided to visit downtown Columbus this afternoon.  I went to the local bookstore – Viewpoint Books  and asked where I might find a locally-owned business that served coffee and offered Wi-Fi.  Terry, the owner, ushered me to the back of the store, put on a K-cup and gave me the store password.  Take that, Starbucks!

Viewpoint is a rare breed.  It has been an independently owned bookstore since 1973.  They sell a wide variety of new and used books as well as book-related items.  I see by their website, they are now starting to sell Kobe e-books, which I’m going to look into.  I would much rather spend a little more money investing in local, service-oriented businesses than deal with a monolith like Amazon for a few pennies less.

In other news… it appears I’m going to enter my fifth decade as a published writer (dare I now say “author”).  Midlife Collage has accepted a story I wrote called “In the Beginning: My First Time (as a storyteller)” which they will publish on-line in July.  It will also be entered into a contest for a cash prize.  I will keep you posted, as it involves reader participation.  As the Chicago alderman said, “Vote early, and often.”

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday yesterday.  After a morning of editing, I crafted a new piece of flash fiction for the Wednesday Blog Hop called “Stopping Along a Well-Paved Road“.  After sprucing up the piece for Midlife Collage, I polished up a family story called “Oh Columbus” and sent it away to Crunchible for consideration.

For the cover letter at Crunchible, they ask you to share 5 identifiable characteristics of youself and indicate if you would consider being a regular contributor.  I wrote –

Tony Roberts

Muse: Singer/songwriter John Prine

Ethnicity: Kentuckian

Archetype: Jonah

Fatal Flaw: An unquiet mind

Superpower: A way with words.

I will consider a regular writing gig as long as it doesn’t interfere with my shower schedule.

I think I may change my Gravatar profile to this.

I capped off my birthday celebration by going to a new writer’s group.  It was great, in some respects and not so great in others.

It was great in that the participants were very adept at critiquing the technical aspects of writing to improve the quality.

It was not so great in that it was held at a Starbucks and I had to pay $3.22 for a cup of coffee.  I handed her 3 dollars and 2 dimes, hoping she would show pity on me.  She was unmoved.  I considered taking the 2 pennies out of the tip jar, but acquiesced instead and handing her another bill.  Starbucks is a pox on mankind (sic).

On a bright note, I got to hear a story about a time-traveling werewolf who has sex with a Viking princess.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

viking princess from Cathy Stout in Costumes

10 thoughts on “My Birthday Bash: A Publishing Debut and Sex with a Viking Princess

  1. Marvelous! You made my Friday. And identifying “an unquiet mind” is blissful and deranged all at the same time. I warn you that I intend to steal that characteristic for my upcoming self-evaluation at work. Thanks!

    • Thank you, azatty. I hope your self-evaluation is well received.

      I have to credit Kay Redfield Jamison for “An Unquiet Mind” (one of my favorite books).

  2. Sounds like you had an okay day Tony. Our local Christian bookstore has a cafe and FREE Wi-Fi. It’s one of my favourite places to go to write. They have two tables strategically placed near power-points for those with laptops.
    I do like your cover letter. That alone should get you a regular gig. Are we able to vote on your story in Midlife Collage?

  3. Aha! Another June 13 baby… my mum’s birthday was yesterday as well. She has been retired for more years than I care to mention (retire? what is that word?) and insisted that she was going to spend her day doing nothing. Except going down to the basement to get her summer blankets. What a life 😯

    • Yeah, retirement is for the birds. I’ve been incapacitated long enough being with my disability. I’m ready to work. If you can call reading and writing work, that is.

  4. I enjoyed this post a great deal and congratulate you on your continued writing achievements. To go from disability to working (yes, writing, editing, and the like are working), is brave. I hope that one day I can get back at it in a similar fashion. Kudos to you, Dearest Tony! Best, Smrtie

    • Thank you, Smrtie, for your words of encouragement. They say necessity is the mother of invention. I am quite hopeful. God is good and I have many people (like you) pulling for me. It means a lot.

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