I’m Moving On Up (to the big time)

It’s official.  After several runs to the liquor store for extra cardboard boxes, living off Captain Crunch in Styrofoam bowls for almost a week, and sleeping on a mattress on the floor, I have finally moved all the data from this web address to my new, snazzy digs which you can visit just by clicking on:


I spruced up the place so it looks a lot like home.  Come on by and say, “Goober says ‘Hey’.”

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16 thoughts on “I’m Moving On Up (to the big time)

    • I’m trying to think of a reply that pokes fun at my hillbilly background and isn’t racist, but in this politically-charged world web, I’d better play it safe and just put on a smiley face. 🙂

      • Goodness me, you weren’t inappropriate at all. It was merely my feeble thoughts of trying to construct a witty retort about not understanding the lyrics of the song that almost got me into trouble. Wisely, I resisted.

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