Mental Health Monday: Coping, Helping, Hoping, Remembering, and Using Your Mommy Voice

The plane has landed.  After sitting for hours on the runway at Dulles, waiting for a storm to pass, we finally took to the air.  I landed in Indy about an hour ago and made it home in time to post the following round-up of mental health posts for the week I found worthy of your attention.
In Which Our Heroine Uses Her Mommy Voice” (Nova Terra) reveals a humorous episode of boundary-setting with a dirty old mental health consumer.


Looking back: Youth pastor’s death puts a light on depression.”  (So… there I was)  shares the tragic story of Michael Sanders – “a genuinely quiet, passionate person with a deep reflective faith” who succumbed to suicide.


Losing Hope”  (Vibrantly Bipolar) offers an encouraging Word and faith-filled prayer for those struggling through the chaos of mental illness.


Walking a fine line between being a helpful or overbearing spouse” (Loving Someone With Mental Illness) provides a first-hand reflection from someone eager to help a loved one with a mental illness, yet finding it a very delicate task.


I’m Not Using Food to Cope Anymore, Now What?” (Fearless Nutrition) suggests some strategies to re-direct your mind and body when you are tempted to respond in unhealthy ways.


Check these out and tell me what you think…


(image above  “Airplane” from Vanessa Seica in Images)

8 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Coping, Helping, Hoping, Remembering, and Using Your Mommy Voice

  1. Welcome home, Tony. Thank you so much for this list. I haven’t read through all the links, but the last one caught my attention. I don’t think it was coincidence; I needed what was in that post. So truly, I thank you.

  2. have just checked out all the links, Tony and after reading them, I’ve decided I have little, if anything, to complain about. Yes, I still suffer from depression at times – although I’m not on any medication – but my life is, by comparison, carefree. I felt very moved by the story of Michael Sanders, the youth pastor. Trying to minister to youth who are on the “outer” while all the time suffering in silence with his own demons. I’d certainly encourage anyone I thought had a problem to seek help. If not for their own sakes, then for their family’s sake.

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