Mental Health Monday: A New Tradition

Today I thought I’d start a new tradition – “Mental Health Monday”.  As my family could tell you many of my traditions fizzle out after just one time.  But I think this one might just catch on.  For however long it lasts, enjoy the ride.

“Mental Health Monday” will be a collection of some of the favorite posts I’ve found around the blogosphere (and perhaps some on the Web) on the general topic of Mental Health.  Here are today’s recommendations –

The Life Cycle of the Grad School Graduate’s job hunting for something in the Mental Health field”  (The Neophyte Therapist) – A realistic yet humorous perspective on the stages of getting established in a mental health career.

Relationship Issues” (Alexis Stone: Seeing in the Dark) – Alexis shares some very personal struggles impacting intimacy that are common to all, yet particularly true for those of us with mental illnesses.

“Potty Training Videos Reviewed!”  (aliceatwonderland)  Some laughter therapy from the queen of bloggers on mental health.

“Hypervigilance: Emergency Mode” (Bipolar For Life)  A very accurate and poetic depiction of one aspect of a manic phase.

“Post-ECT (or, “A Post about ECT”)” (crazyaboutbipolar) An honest assessment from someone undergoing the still-controversial treatment.

Inside My Mind” (Thoughts of a Lunatic) An epic poem (with strong visuals) from the perspective on one with a mental illness.

“Anger, violence and mental health: a response to Deborah Orr” (Lady Lazarus blogs) An insightful and thorough analysis of the mis-conceived perception of the relationship between violence and mental illness.

“Preparing for ERP Therapy” (Lights All Around)  Helpful words of advice for those considering Emotional and Response Prevention therapy.

“The Secret to Happiness” (Mrs. Bipolarity) A succinct appeal to pursue contentment rather than happiness.

“Peace” (Pride in Madness) Raises the issue of the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs.

Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: A New Tradition

  1. Thank you for the mention! Realistic yet humorous was exactly what I was going for. And love this idea of Mental Health Monday – I’ve enjoyed reading these other blogs that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my piece, Hypervigilance: Emergency Mode. I’m honored that you have cameo’d me here! To clarify, it’s specifically written about PTSD symptoms (note the tags), but if it resonates with you in another way, I’m interested to know about that too. Our brains are such interesting beasties.

    • You are most welcome. Thank you for writing such a good post.

      Sorry I didn’t notice the PTSD tag. It is interesting, though, that I connected with it so well as a person with Bipolar. Great minds (however disordered) think alike.

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