God Speaks Through WordPress, G-Mail, LinkedIn and Facebook

In a post yesterday afternoon, (“Writer for Hire: has “A Way With Words”) I revealed that I was fully embarking on a career as a writer.

Last night, a Toronto psychologist (Richard Amaral of Psychology for Growth) sent me an e-mail asking if I would be interested in editing his book.  We discussed the terms today and, when I checked my e-mail this afternoon – there it was, ready for me to review.

In some LinkedIn messages last night, I put out word that I was exploring doing freelance work (and possibly an internship) doing projects  related to writing (Technical Writing, Copywriting, Marketing, Editing, Social Media, etc…)

This morning I had a message back from Elizabeth Mellencamp Johnson of The Mediation Point, asking if I might be interested in helping her with the launch of her upcoming book.

Yesterday, I sent a message to a Facebook friend David Anderson of Dave Anderson & Associates inviting him to lunch to discuss ways I might better market my writing and editing services.  Over baguette sandwiches, Dave offered a wealth of helpful information and agreed to help me set up a website.

God’s timing is impeccable, wouldn’t you say?

Not all our prayers are answered so quickly, of course.  Sometimes God’s answer to our prayers is, “Wait.”  Sometimes it is, “No.”  There are times, however, when God’s answer to our prayers is “Here you go.”  And what glorious moments those are!

“Answered prayer” from Opal Massey in Inspiration — God is Love

Note about my new blog sub-title:  You may notice that my sub-title has changed (again).  What once was “God is ‘I Am’, Therefore I Think (and write)”  is now “Writing for Well-Being”.  I made this change not because I wanted to take God out (in fact, God is still present in writing and must be present for well-being).  No, I made this change to be less philosophical and more practical.  “Writing for Well-Being” describes both the therapeutic aspect of blogging for me as well as, I hope, the positive impact good writing has on readers.

I’m interested to hear from you – “What do you think of the change?”

32 thoughts on “God Speaks Through WordPress, G-Mail, LinkedIn and Facebook

  1. Fabulous news! {rubs virtual elbows with ‘tony in hopes some of his great start will rub off on her}
    I think the idea of changing the subtitle of your space will (hate to put it this way…) work in your favor, particularly if you are not seeking Christian-only clients. Christ-followers will get to know your style, as will others, but for advertisement purposes, low-key seems to be the way to go…

    • I agree. And it is also consistent with how Jesus communicated the truth. His language with very common and worldly, yet it still pointed to the larger
      Truth of God’s kingdom.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I am so happy for you. Your faith and diligence is paying off! I love the new sub title by the way. Simple and attention grabbing.

  3. Yay for freelance! I’ve just started doing it myself on top of my full-time career, and it is awesome. I love that I can pick up a project here or there per my own schedule. Best of luck!

  4. Tony, this is truly wonderful news. God is so good – Before they call I will answer Praising God with you.
    If you feel the small change in subtitle is from God, then nothing more needs to be said 🙂

  5. I think “Writing for Well-being” is a better descriptor of your blog, than anything. So happy for you that things are coming together. You are very brave for putting yourself out there the way that you do. Best, Smrtie

    • Thank you, Smrtie. I appreciate the encouraging words. I don’t know if I’d call myself “brave” or “desperate”, but I think I prefer you terminology. 🙂

  6. Tony, this is fantastic. In my experience, God works through people, and it looks like a lot of people, including you yourself, are doing things that will get your new adventuee off to a great start. All the best to you.

  7. Such a great feeling when everything works out smoothly. “Writing for well-being” is a good change! Happy editing, happy free-lancing, happy writing! 😀

  8. I love the new subtitle. It has a nice flow and simply works. Congrats on the new prospects too. Hard work and persistence pays!

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