Writer for Hire (has “A Way With Words”)

When I started this blog 6 months ago, it was entitled Will Write For Food (and perhaps dental).  It was intended initially to be a tool for finding work in the general arena of writing.  Quite soon, however, it evolved into a way to share my love of language and the self-deprecating title became a bold declaration that I have “A Way With Words”.   I have submitted stories, poems, and narratives conceived here to journals (thus far without acceptance, but with some very favorable rejection).  My readership has grown substantially.  But it hasn’t paid the light bill.

Meanwhile, my job hunt continues.  Yesterday, I had a very intriguing conversation with someone about a part-time adjunct position at a community college.  If my graduate school course work translates well enough into the discipline, my chances of being offered a job are good.  However, soon in our conversation, the chair of the department revealed more of what I’d be facing.  Essentially, because of the new health care law, the college is reducing full-time staff to part-time and hiring “scabs” (like me) to fill in the gaps.  All for just a little more than minimum wage.

This seems to be the trend at most colleges where I’d be eligible to teach, so I think I can safely say yesterday the door to an academic career was effectively closed for me.

This morning, I contacted my disability representative (who had called yesterday).  As it turns out, my pension disability is coming to an end (in 2-5 months).  Essentially, this will mean that my income will be reduced by about 75%.  I can maintain SSDI – which my family lives on – and earn a supplemental $1,040/month for me to live on.  Until, that is, I am declared “governmentally sane” and my benefits are fully revoked.

As I’ve prayerfully considered this, I have determined my best course of action is to do an internship (earning $1,040/month) in a field that might ultimately earn me a living wage (at least 40K/year).  I have contacted a company which offers Technical Writing and Editing services and submitted a proposal.  Over the next few weeks, I will be tirelessly sending out e-mails, submitting applications, messaging people on LinkedIn and making phone calls to enhance my prospects for employment when the benefits run dry.

Why am I telling you this (you ask, quizzically)?  Well, my friends, you who have so faithfully followed (or trickled in along the way) can do your part in helping a prospective starving artist become gainfully employed and a contributing member of society (no longer among the Romney 47%).

How (you ask, in wonderment)?  Three ways –

First, those of you who pray, pray (please).  I strongly believe prayer impacts both those who pray and the world around them.  We don’t always get what we want, but we do get what we need.  (Didn’t the Stones do a song about that?)

Second, referrals.   If you know of writing work in the vicinity of Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati or work that could be done on-line to help me move closer to a career in writing (and possibly generate some of the $1,040/month supplement), please let me know.

Third, guidance.  Given the parameters I’ve set…. an internship earning $1,040/month that might be lead to a writing career (earning $40K or more/year), what jobs should I be looking at?  Where do I find these jobs?

Perhaps you are a free-lance writer who knows a thing or two about selling your services?

Perhaps you work for a company eager to contract with someone who has “A Way With Words” to help market their wares?

Perhaps you have an Aunt Mabel living in the South of France looking to provide patronage for a seasoned storyteller?

Pray. Refer. Guide.

Let me know what you come up with.  You can leave a comment (for everyone to see) or e-mail me at: johnprine1982@gmail.com

Thank you in advance.  I’ll keep you posted.

image above “Modern ways to job search”  Pinned by Jon Bergen in Social Media Marketing

27 thoughts on “Writer for Hire (has “A Way With Words”)

  1. Tony, thanks for all the information! I will certainly be praying and have my radar up. I’ll send you leads and resources as see/hear them. 🙂

  2. Tony,
    I don’t have the means to help you with number 2 and 3 but I can and will pray that God will open the right doors for you. Good luck!

  3. If I were you, I’d take a peek at Elance. Even if you don’t go through with setting up an account and submitting jobs, at least it gives you a good overview of what is out there that people are looking for. There’s generally a few hundred (total guess here) writing jobs posted there everyday. That is where I found all of my writing work, including a job that is now moving outside of Elance.

  4. Oh, how I wish I had an Aunt Mabel! Maybe she would be willing to pay for my new AC and hot water heater, along with funding your writing career! All jokes aside, I do wish you the best and think you have great chances of finding something in your field. I don’t pray, but I will meditate on your situation. Best always, Smrtie.

    • Don’t we all wish we had an Aunt Mabel!

      Thank you for your thoughtful words. I am hopeful. I’ve already made some promising contacts and have one reasonably firm short-term opportunity.

      Thanks again, Ms. Pants (there’s just no end to the fun of your name).

      – Tony

      • Hooray! My Aunt Mabel (my folks) came to my rescue and are going to lend me the money to fix AC and replace hot water heater! So glad you have a short-term opportunity…maybe it can turn into something long term! Best, Smrtie

      • That’s tremendous. God (and parents) are good – contrary to popular opinion to the contrary.

        Yes, my mid-range and long-term prospects are looking up. Too early to say, but I’m hopeful.

  5. I can’t be much help in a practical sense, but I can be of help in the praying sense. Keep your readers updated. xo

    • I appreciate your prayers. They mean a lot.

      I’ve already made some important connections and have at least one fairly firm short-term opportunity.

      God is good. I trust God will provide. I just need to do my part – work hard and not fall victim to paralyzing depression.

      Thank you again,

  6. Good luck Tony. I don’t pray, but I will think of you during my meditation and send some mettā your way. May you always be surrounded by kindness and compassion, and find happiness wherever you go. That must count for something, right?

  7. Prayers and positive energy headed your way… speeding you along to gainful employment, I hope, I think, I pray. From today’s post, it seems like all the prayers yesterday have already got you started on the right path.

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