Some (Virtual) Quality Time with Zoe Muth

I woke up this m0rning struggling to breathe a bit.  Nothing serious, just an anxiety attack.  So, I sat down and listened to a dozen Psalms read by Max McClean at Biblegateway.  I prayed.  The feeling didn’t subside.

I decided to adjust my schedule for the weekend.  I excused myself from 3 social gatherings (that typically cause me great anxiety).  I then took .25 mg of Klonepin (my prn drug for anxiety and sleep) and went to do some mowing – just as raindrops started to fall.

I decided I needed some companionship in my struggle.  Sometimes I will call a “phone counselor” my insurance company pays for, but it seems they always just provide the same 20 minutes worth of psychobabble.

Instead, I decided to turn to my new “soul mate” – Zoe Muth.  I started some Artist radio based on Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers on Spotify.  I then went to the Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers Facebook page and became the 2,137th person to “like” her (I’m her 711st “follower” on Spotify).  Then, it was off to her website where read this from “The Story So Far” –


“How does a kid growing up in Seattle in the 1980’s end up making country music?”

I get asked all the time.  I usually say, “I don’t know, I just open my mouth when I sing and that’s what comes out.” 

Growing up we were raised on the classic rock and roll, the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, when MTV was actually music television.  I didn’t learn about the really old stuff until high school when my fascination with the labor movement and the histories that never got brought up in textbooks led me to seek out the roots of all that music.

Finally, I read the reviews posted on her website and this one (from Levi Davis of “Elmore” magazine) really grabbed me –

‘Zoe Muth sounds like she does not have a bad note in her. Her sweet, homespun  voice coming straight off the prairies of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Michael  Landon, lulls you into believing she doesn’t have a dishonest one either. The star of the show is a voice that caresses the heart with a gingham-checked simple-cotton-dress-charm that brings a man straight home from a hard day’s work  every night and reminds him just what he is breaking his back for. Her phrasing stands right beside Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson – two masters of  an under-appreciated craft.”

Zoe Muth is just a flat-out fantastic country music singer-songwriter.  But don’t just take my word for it, check her out in this video, and follow along in the lyrics below.  The quality of the video isn’t the best, but the lyrics of the song speak for themselves. If you aren’t as smitten as I am with her poetic beauty, you’d better go to the doctor and see if you still have a pulse.

Starlight Hotel  (Zoe Muth ©  2010)


If they say he never worked hard enough   

I’ll  tell them he had something else on his mind   

Always looking for love or  whatever came close enough   

To get him  through the night   

He found himself far from home  

And it was not hard to get other folks to leave him alone  

I was naïve and young  

With only the words of the barstool bards to base my conclusions on  

And I believed him when he said “Don’t put your faith in the love of any one man”


Chorus:   Now he’s down there   

Living in the Starlight Hotel   

He leaves his blinds open at night   

So all the world can tell   

No amount of joy and love in our younger days   

Can  make up for that one last lost love   

That would not stay      


My heart is like my mind    

It’s the jealous and  the aching kind   

Neither one knows what the other should do     

I can write these rhymes    

Tell you stories tell you lies   

Somehow they always seem to come true   

And I stumbled into you  

You turned my heart a lighter shade of blue  

When you are gone just a little  too long  

My mind wanders back to all the loves that have gone wrong       


I see the light around the moon   

The cold green gardens about to bloom   

This may all be over far too soon   

Can we help each other out?   

Can we help each other out ?      


If  they say you never worked hard enough   

Tell them you had something else on your mind. 


According to her tour schedule, her next featured performance is May 19 at The White Horse in Austin, Texas.  I think it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll be over this anxiety attack by then.  Anybody up for a road trip?

(photo “ZOE MUTH” Pedro Crespo in MUSICA)

5 thoughts on “Some (Virtual) Quality Time with Zoe Muth

    • .25 mg isn’t so bad, though I only take it when I’m having high anxiety or am lacking sleep. It hasn’t been quite daily, but it has been fairly common of late.

      It could be worse – at one time when I was in a high stress period of pastoral ministry and having much conflict at home, I was taking as much as 3 mg/day (along with many other psycho-tropics) and I still ran myself ragged.

  1. Tony, I am so sorry you had to experience an anxiety attack, but I am glad you sought refuge in the sounds and song of Zoe Muth. She’s simply wonderful! Thanks for introducing her to us. 🙂

    • Yeah, I only regret she only has a small body of work (so far). I devoured her bittersweet songs, did some mowing and now I’ve moved on to Iris Dement. (She’s more my age, anyway.)

      Thanks for your concern. My anxiety has lessened a fair amount.

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