Letter to My Editor on “Delight in Disorder” progress

Leanne –

Lest ye wondered if I had wandered astray from “Delight in Disorder”, I thought I’d show you some provisional progress in preparing to proof (and re-write) –


With a gift card from my sister and brother-in-law, I purchased a nice hole punch to plow through the 155 pages of the first draft and some colored gel pens (a different color each time I re-write a section), as well as…


A 3-ring binder with a clear sleeve (for a title page cover) and 10-section dividers (for Intro, Prelude, 7 “rooms/chapters”, and an Epilogue.  The binder also has two pockets where I can keep printed copies of our editorial correspondence as well as receipts and other records.

Today’s goals:

1. Organize the first draft.

2. Punch out the holes,

3. Place it (in good and decent order) in the binder to begin the re-writing process.

4. Fasten a clasp to the folder so I can mark my place as I go through the draft.

Now, with Mitch McVicker serenading me in the background, I’m going to brew a pot of coffee and get to work.

See ya,

Post Script:  Here’s the first draft of my manuscript, bound and categorized in 10 sections, with a green gel pen just waiting to be picked up and applied carefully and prayerfully toward a second draft.


And here’s a view of the binder from the front, with a green title page to represent a new beginning –


Tomorrow’s goals:

1.  Begin re-writing meditations.

2.  Compose first drafts of chapter introductions.

5 thoughts on “Letter to My Editor on “Delight in Disorder” progress

    • To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what jpg links are. Do they taste anything like sausage links? If so, I’ll have mine with scrambled eggs.

      • LOL, no not like sausage links. They’re on your post. There’s one after each paragraph like this…. Picture0430131551_1.jpg Each of them has a different number but they all lead to the same thing – a Google mail log-in page.

  1. Most wonderful, my friend. 🙂 You are certainly ready! Best of luck to you as you begin re-writing and composing your chapter intros. I look forward to reading it all!

    • I’m on my way. Made it through a re-writing of the intro, prelude, and most of the first room today. Should get a significant amount done the next 4 days. I’ll keep you posted.

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