Family Matters

Well, the Jester of thematticuskingdom has done it again.  Not only has he nominated me for an “I Am Part Of the WordPress Family” award, but he has dubbed me “the official kingdom scribe”.  I am doubly honored and duly accept.

At the same time, I find the title of this particular award rather dubious.  It strikes me like the ribbons I used to get at Art and Science fairs that were white and just said, “Participant”.  I mean, just how many bloggers belong to the “WordPress Family”.  It’s not exactly as prestigious as a conclave of living popes.

Nonetheless, I will gladly receive the award and faithfully follow the terms, which are as follows –

1. Display the award logo on your blog (top)
2. Link back to the person who nominated you (below logo)
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family. (below terms)
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them (will do on their blogs).
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love.

Many WordPress bloggers have had an impact on my experience.  I’ve decided to nominate 10 “newer” members to my WordPress family (each of whom have started following A Way With Words in the past two weeks).   Brothers and sisters, welcome aboard!

10 Nominees (in no particular order) –

wendyenberg’s blog : An ordinary woman’s struggle with an extraordinary disease.

Artele și stiințele vieții

Music Unmasked : Bringing justice to the essential tracks of the past, present and future.

Lvsrao’s blog

Random spillage’s from a reportedly strange mind.

Iamforchange’s Blog : Positive growth and change in our world.

When all is said and done ~ I’ll still have something to say.

Taking the Road Less Taken : My journey to the mission field.

Holly D. Russell’s Blog : Finding God; Discovery Beauty

thepathseeker  for the spiritual journey

12 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. Oh, I felt this was so much more than a participant award – I took it as who is part of MY WordPress family, rather than just including everyone on WordPress… the nomination line in the rules is what made that stand out for me: as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.

    And, who else could be the official scribe? Who else has a way with words like you? 😉

  2. Congratulations Tony!! You have won several awards, yet not been freshly pressed (you will one day I’m sure)… I have been freshly pressed yet not won or been nominated for any awards. It all evens out!! 🙂

      • If you mean me, don’t worry about it (but thanks). I wasn’t fishing for nominations. I’m just glad you’re getting the recognition you desire and deserve!

      • I understand you weren’t fishing. But I am! 🙂 I try to spread nominations around among the blogs I read (and like) and it’s a wonder I haven’t nominated you before. So, blogger beware.

  3. Congrats, Tony! This reminds me; I still have to dole out the Sunshine Award that you bestowed upon me a few weeks back. For a sometimes-introvert like myself, I find that accepting blog awards take courage, because they force one to step out of one’s comfort zone and interact with strangers (albeit virtually). Some people do it effortlessly; I, however, am not one of them. 😉

    Have a lovely day!

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