A Little Surprise in the Tub

While the real me was off attending to some family business today, the virtual me made an appearance in the matticuskingdom. Check out this fun fathering remembrance…

The Matticus Kingdom

Please welcome my friend indytony back to the kingdom.  I’ve found his words have a way of captivating me, pulling me into the story, and making me long for more.  Give the following a read and see if he has the same effect on you:

My name is Tony (or “indytony” as it appears when I make comments here in the kingdom).  I have “A Way With Words.”  I have posted here once before – a narrative poem called “Built to Last (inspired by John Prine’s “One Red Rose).”  I’m submitting another post for the Jester’s approval for three reasons –

1) The Jester’s reflections on being a new father have flooded my mind with memories of my own children (now 21, 19, 12 and 8). I live in another state now and miss them very much. Rather than cry in my virtual beer, I thought it…

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