High Above a Stately River: The President Honors the Arts at Hanover College

Nestled high above the Ohio River rests Hanover, the oldest private college in Indiana.  It is still a lively place, particularly for the arts.  Many theater students under the tutelage of Tom “Doc” Evans, Mark Fearnow, and now Jim Stark, have gone on to make pretty good careers in acting, directing, and the like.  (One of them is a certain former bartender from “Cheers” who now hypes hemp and was once nominated for an Academy award for playing a porn hustler.)

Tonight (April 13), beginning at 7:30 p.m., in Fitzgibbon Recital Hall, Lynn Center for Fine Arts there will be a special event.  The President Honors the Arts features performances and works from Hanover’s top students in music, theater, creative writing, art and art history.  The price is right – it is free and open to the public.

Performances include –

The Hanover College Chamber Singers doing Keith Hampton’s “Praise His Holy Name!”

Featured selections from violinist Ellen Morganett (Bloomington, Ind.), soprano Autumn Barger (Clarksville, Ind.) and pianist Chen Wang (Renshou, China).

“The Everything Store,” a short play by sophomore Kayla Snabl (Huntington, Ind.). Directed by junior Brandon Derk (Evansville, Ind.), the cast features junior Gracie Taylor (Middletown, Ohio), freshman Josh Anderson (Centerville, Ohio) and freshman Shawn Franklin (Louisville, Ky.).

Kyle Hunteman (North Vernon, Ind.) presenting his senior thesis, “No Struggle, No Progess.” Through sculptures and video, Hunteman’s work shows the evolution of the figure demonstrating the importance of struggle in striving toward improvement.

Senior poet Dan McCormick (Cincinnati, Ohio) will read selections from his poems “Kenilworth Castle,” “The Globe Theatre,” “The Queen’s Head,” “The Carousel” and “Spencer (Sons of Cain).”

McCormick has written some of his poetry into songs and performed them on two collections – Devotions and Benches Beat Fences.  For a review of his song “Sandy and Creole”, see – “An Angelic Call; A Luminescent Fall…”   It tells the story of two passionate young woman – one plaintive, one playful –

Sandy says that best friends will never grow apart,

and she makes faces at the clouds.

She cuts pretty pictures out of magazines,

and if it rains we watch T.V. without a sound.


Creole fills her pockets with cigarettes and pills,

curing boredom with anything she can.

She says, “You can find your answer in the melody.

Forget the rest—it all means nothin’, man!”


And Sandy says she’s gonna be a star.

She says, “I’ve got this debutante thing down.”

Creole says, “I don’t care if I don’t have any money.”

And she sobers up and drives back into town.


Sandy gives me chewing gum and giggles all the time,

and we lay in circles in the grass.

She says we’re perfect just the way we are,

and she wonders how we can make the summer last.


Creole pulls my jacket off and takes me by the arm,

and we dance like feathers in the air.

I can see her busted up and smiling,

tumbled over with blood in her hair.


And Sandy says, “Tell me all your dreams.

Can’t you hear that sweet angelic call?”

Creole says, “God is dead, so let’s get drunk instead,

and we’ll celebrate our luminescent fall.”


It should be quite a performance.  I’m certainly looking forward to it.  It’ll be the first time I’ve been back on campus since Al Gore invented the Internet.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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