A New Blog Look: Like a New Pair of Shoes For Women to Fall at My Feet

Well, here it is.  Submitted for your approval.  A new look for “A Way with Words”.  I really like it.  How about you?

I have a number of bloggers to thank for recommendations on how I might enhance the design.  Here are just a few words I heeded –

 I think a new visual theme would serve you well.  – nivaladiva

I would remove some of the “noise” from the top and bottom of your pages.  – russellboyle

Visually…just generally…some colour?  An eye-catching photo banner?   – Hazy Shades of Me

I quite like “God is I AM therefore I just think (and blog)”…   – Lyn

a new blog theme that’s a little less “academic” looking might spruce things up. The font size on your current theme is really small, and thus can be difficult to read. Something that’s a little more aesthetic.   – Gwen

John Harper suggested I do something “god/heaven” related in my header.

If you find a good picture, you should change the ocean picture at the top.  – Kevin Daniel


Each of these bloggers has helped me a great deal to enhance the visual quality of this blog, don’t you think?

I have decided, rather than providing them with a generic “gift card” for some monolithic corporation, I am going to offer them a choice of two very personal gifts –

1)  One of Russell Boyle’s three published anthologies of poems – The Beginning, Footprints or Loneliness.

2) One of my upcoming books: Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness or Delight in Despair: Meditations from a Bipolar Mind.

To place your order, simply e-mail me – johnprine1982@gmail.com .

Thanks again to all who providing recommendations.  I’d certainly welcome more comments the new look of “A Way With Words” as well as the content.  My next post will be the first in what will become a series (for a season) – “Friday Flashback”, featuring some early material from my desperate beginnings as a blogger.

15 thoughts on “A New Blog Look: Like a New Pair of Shoes For Women to Fall at My Feet

  1. Man. I feel like you are a different person now! Weird how much I’ve associated the blog theme with the person. Congrats on your new layout! That’s always a hectic and fun experience.

    My only suggestion is this: If you find a good picture, you should change the ocean picture at the top. I follow a couple other blogs that use the same theme. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish who is who.

  2. Oh, well done, Tony! I like your new design very much. I think it will add greatly to the impact of your “way with words. Certainly the white space that now surrounds them allows the reader to reflect on your wisdom, without distraction. I also like your use of a colourful banner and I love your choice of font. And thank you so much for offering to your prize winners a choice from one of my anthologies. For me, I will choose “Delight in Despair: Meditations from a Bipolar Mind.” I think you have a valuable and personal contribution to make in this area and I look forward, with eagerness, to reading your book. I’ll send you an email, as requested, with my order. Once again, grateful thanks…

    • Great. My projected date for publishing “Delight in Despair” is December, 2013 (subject to the vagaries of the muse and the industry). I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I like it. I’m big on Clean and Spacious. 🙂 Plus, the new layout emphasizes the words. (If you’re looking for a different photo, and want something original and totally amateur, I have lots of nature shots. Let me know what you’re looking for.)

    • Actually, I did change the photo from a generic ocean scene to this one I took of my “family homeland” in Jabez, Kentucky (overlooking Lake Cumberland). Thanks for the offer, though.

  4. I have seen most pairs of shoes in different styles. but you are talking about which shoes, these pairs of shoes are look nice and pretty good. thanks for shearing…

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