In Which I Accept An Award I Can’t Repeat (Because It Is Filled With Meaningless Slang I Abhor)

Im so Epic.

The Jester of thematticuskingdom has bestowed upon me an award (see badge above) which I will not repeat because, as someone with  A Way With Words, I have a deep aversion to meaningless slang that is mindlessly repeated ad infinitum, over and over again, world without end.  Amen.

Nonetheless, I will graciously accept the award because, as I indicated in my acceptance comment, “these wondrous awards give me the chance to befriend other bloggers and shamelessly promote my product – which is –  A Way With Words.

The terms of acceptance include telling 10 facts about yourself that might be deemed, well, you know… those two words (see badge) and pass it on to 10 bloggers who are, well, one or both of the two.

10 Facts About Myself –

1.  My two birth children had an average apgar score of 9.5 (they would have been perfect 10s but the nasty umbilical cord was wrapped around my oldest’s throat).

2.  I once played basketball on TV (an Indiana high school game of the week).

3.  I once sang on stage at the Kentucky State Fair (when they called audience members up to sing parts of the song “You Get a Line, I’ll Get a Pole” – my lyrics were “Honey…. Baby…. Mine”)  I won a t-shirt for being the crowd favorite.

4.  I once played the pigman Mordred in a modern version of “Hansel and Gretel”.

5.  I was Salutatorian of my graduating high school class and got to deliver a speech.  (I had mono and strep throat, though, so my nose was running and I didn’t have a handkerchief.  It was all rather traumatic.  Therapy has helped some.)

6.  Also, in high school, I was voted “Class Politician” as well as “Class Hick”.  After I make it big as a blogger, I plan move to North Carolina and run for Congress.

7.  I recently visited Gulfport, Florida and drove past a home owned by Grammy-award winner John Prine (my muse).   There was a car in the driveway and I was going to stop, but like the true cowardly stalker I am, I just took a camera phone picture while riding past.

8.  I met the man who wrote the musical scores for many popular television shows in the 1970s (but I can’t tell you which ones, or give you his name, because I met him on a psych ward and he might not like you to know that).

9.  In an effort to increase views, I tweeted a link to my blog with the words, “I Once Had Neil Gaiman’s Love Child (and other tweets to steal traffic)”.  (According to my stats, I got 0 hits.)

10.  I’m fairly certain that at least one shape-shifting Reptilian clone is stalking me.

And the nominees (in no particular order) –

A Year of Writing Well

The Eye of Faith : {vintage} clothing and lifestyle.

A Thing For Words : A lifelong writer’s second-chance journey to a literary life.

Kristen Hanson Brakeman

The IDEA Bucket : Simple ~ Happy~ Debt-free lives

little miss wordy :  homeschooling, fitness focused (physical, spiritual, mental), beach bumming, fashionably passionate/passionately fashionable, mom of two

Disorderly chickadee : Bipolar bird tells all.

girl in the hat

the quiet voice

hopebordeaux : Breathe. Live. Create.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Accept An Award I Can’t Repeat (Because It Is Filled With Meaningless Slang I Abhor)

  1. Well hello there. Hearty congrats to you on the award and hey, that’s my blog on your list– thanks! I look forward to reading more. (I completely agree about the a-word and the e-word. Plus, I’m an adult, and like to sound like one.)

  2. Wow–salutorian…that’s epic. I was thankful to get out of high school relatively unscathed, as quickly as possible, and with grades that would allow me to escape the small town in which I grew up… 😉

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