Fish Pants, Museum of Angry Women and Bibi From Jupiter: 3 Favorite Shorts on the Web


I’ve been submitting some stories to various on-line and print journals and thought I’d invest some time today reading what’s out there and sharing some links to a few prime finds.  Here are three –

“Fish Pants” by Meg Tuite, The Bookends Review

Knuckle has some pants he keeps fishing out of the hamper.  He goes to a Cubs game and becomes Joe Pepitone.  Then he turns into Elton John singing his own words to “Crocodile Rock” –

“I pretended her rock was blind,

me and Squeezie had so much gum,

holding cans and skinny phones

had an old rolled grandma and a piece of my bone…”

“Museum of Angry Women” by Gary Ives, Fiction on the Web

A road-trip across Missouri on Highway 66 turns into an adventure as Ron drags his weary women folk through a tribute to excessive estrogen.

Leaving the ticket area we passed a bronze bust of Hillary Clinton. We began at the Angry Nurses exhibit which featured a lovely diorama depicting Nurse Ratchett in a neck brace supervising patient R. P. MacMurphy’s lobotomy. There was also a lifesize figure of Kathy Bates’ character Nurse Annie Wilkes tending James Caan’s legs with a nine pound sledge hammer. Another diorama showed Texas nurse Kimberly Saenz preparing Clorox bleach IVs for her patients at the Lufkin nursing home where she worked before her arrest for multiple murders.

“Bibi from Jupiter” by Tessa Mellas, Narrative

Mellas offers a magically realistic depiction of your average college campus these days and explores the joys and trials of intentional diversity.

When I marked on my roommate survey sheet that I’d be interested in living with an international student, I was thinking she’d take me to Switzerland for Christmas break or to Puerto Rico for a month in the summer. I wasn’t thinking about a romp around the red  eye of Jupiter, which is exactly what I’d have gotten had I followed my roommate home. Apparently, American school systems have become pretty popular all over. Universities shepherd foreigners in. Anything to be able to write on the brochures, “Our student body hails from thirty-three countries and the far reaches of the solar system.

photo “Reading” from Pam Reynolds onto Books ~ Curl Up With A Good BOOK (to be sorted later)

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