“Life” Progress Report from the Pourhouse Cafe

Indiana University Bloomington by Eun Soo Chung

I’m here at the Pourhouse Café, sipping on an Americano, listening to John Prine radio and reflecting back on what has been a productive day of writing.

So, I ask myself (with you, faithful reader looking over my shoulder), “Where am I in ‘Life’?”

“Well”, I begin to answer (taking another sip of Americano), “I now have…

… just over 4,500 words written.

… working drafts of six scenes (including two “memory sequences”).

… phrase/sentence sketches for the remaining 19 scenes.

I had fun creating the character of Esther Stein – Rachel’s roommate – a Political Science major from Chicago.  I liked the interchange with Anne, the counselor, who drops by to tell them to get prepared for the “freshman frolic” where there will be “plenty of boys”.

Turning back, Anne said, “Esther, you may want to touch up your nose a bit.”

Esther grimaced, “I’ll get right on that.”

I think I should now be able to crank out at least one scene a day, with a target goal of having a working draft by April 22.  I still have some research to do to answer questions like…

… what campus job will Rachel get?

…. what will be the name of the club/coffee house where they hang out?

… what is the plot of the movie Rachel sees with a boy she meets?

…. what is the subject of a class lecture she attends?

I received some very good news yesterday from Leanne at Pen to Paper Communications.  Leanne will be serving as a beta-reader for my trilogy as well as offering her perspective on my portrayal of Rachel (as I attempt to tell the story from a woman’s point of view).   I have been following Leanne’s blog Writings and Ruminations for some time and look forward to embarking on this venture with her as I come to the home stretch of this writing project.

That’s about it.

So much for my “Life”.  How’s yours?

(photo above Indiana University Bloomington from Eun Soo Chung)

5 thoughts on ““Life” Progress Report from the Pourhouse Cafe

  1. Tony, you shouldn’t ask, “How’s your life.” But seeing as you did…
    My life is good – but not perfect. I have a roof over my head, a 12-year-old car that never gives me any trouble, 8 grandchildren, I get on well with both my sons-in-law, a true friend whom I’ve known for 38 years and I know that Jesus loves me. If I could change anything, it would be to not be in pain 24/7, to not be constantly tired and need a 3-hour nap every afternoon, and find more time to write. Like I said, “Life is good, but not perfect.” 🙂

  2. That’s so exciting about your novel-in-the-works, Tony!

    I’m procrastinating revision of a 200-page manuscript that was returned to me recently by a beta-reader. I’m at that stage where I’m painfully reminded of Anthony Powell’s quote: “Writing is a combination of intangible creative fantasy and appallingly hard work.”

    Gina Marie

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