A Tall Drink of Water

Lyn from The Call of the Pen in her recent post “Thunder” writes a story inspired by a photo from Friday Fictioneers.

The only rule is to write a story with a beginning, middle, and end, and to keep it around 100 words.

Here goes..


How does this thing work?

I can pick it up by the chewy, green part but I can’t reach the water.

If I pick it up at the end, I’m liable to drown myself.

It’s times like this I wish I had a good set of hands.

Even better – opposable thumbs.


Word count: 98

39 thoughts on “A Tall Drink of Water

  1. Have to admit I had to look up “Wilbur” (not sure what that says) but I can see this would be a terrible problem! I like the idea of draping it over the fence, just so it’s not an electric or barbwire fence (doesn’t look like barbwire, but you never know.) You looked out from the horse’s view in a different way!


      • Oh, duh to me! Of course I know Mr. Ed. I’d just forgotten about Wilbur. All I could think about was Fred yelling, “Wilma!” I think I was reading your story too early in my wake cycle. 🙂


  2. That occurred to me too when I saw this picture first, how frustrating it would be for the horse to try to drink out this. Hooves just don’t work like hands. I wonder if he would think to just bite into the hose and get it that way.

  3. You have reminded me that many an elder calls a person of height…a tall glass of water!

    I am having fun with 100 word stories. I’ve even written a few unprompted by Friday Fictoneers.
    Glad to see you here. I remember Wilbur the talking horse. Fun fact on that…Hubby was listening to a radio show and well, Mr. Ed wasn’t a horse. Mr. Ed was really a zebra!

    Thanks for your visit. Cheers.

    • I was afraid that might be the case for some. It is a reference to a 1950s American TV show called “Mr. Ed” about a talking horse and his rather doltish human sidekick, Wilbur.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  4. Gosh! I am at this moment remembering watching Mr Ed as a kid, here in the UK and at the same time there’s a quiz show on TV (The Chase) and the quizmaster just asked the name of the talking horse in the 1950s TV show and the contestant answered: Mr Ed. How’s that for a coincidence? What are the odds? I thought for a moment I had developed the power to speak without opening my mouth!

    The horse WILL get his water. It’s hinted at in: … chewy, green part …
    ‘Chewy’ alone tells us how the story will end. Well done!


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