Colin Who? (A Super Bowl XLVII Poetic Tribute)

Colin awoke to find an unkindness of ravens filling the lawn,

and a single raven perched expectantly on the front porch.  

It was Ray Lewis, a menacing look on his face.

Ray Lewis by Keith Allison

Ray Lewis from Keith Allison, some rights reserved

He began to dance

(if dancing is what you want to call it).

He stepped.

He slided.

He stretched.

He pointed to the sky.  

Colin looked at them, confused.

“Shouldn’t you be in New Orleans about now?”

The ravens looked at each other.

Lewis spoke up, “Aren’t you Colin Kaepernick?”  

“I’m Colin Powell.

Remember – George Bush?

Joint Chiefs of Staff?”  

The ravens looked at him, their wings deflated.

They started to leave.  

Lewis turned back,

“You wouldn’t know where we could find any weapons of mass destruction, would you?”  

(inspired by a writing prompt from Today’s Author)

11 thoughts on “Colin Who? (A Super Bowl XLVII Poetic Tribute)

  1. Despite the fact that I live in Australia where the Super Bowl is “simply another game of football,” I have to admit I did understand this. Very droll, Tony, very droll 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog and my poem. This is a very fitting and very numerous poem! As a Clevelander, I’m not exactly a ravens fan, so go 49ers! Enjoy the big game, my friend!

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