Tuna Fish Friday (a prompted poem)

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Are you sure today isn’t Friday?”

We had meatloaf yesterday.

We have meatloaf on Thursdays.

And we had meatloaf yesterday


And Bingo –

We always play Bingo on Friday.

And we just played Bingo.

Are you sure today isn’t Friday?

I’m sure this is Friday.


I’m as sure as I’m sitting here.

I’m as sure as day is day.

And night is night.

Today is definitely Friday.


But this sure as hell isn’t tuna fish.


(The first line is a writing prompt from Today’s Author)

(image “Old man looking” from artisrams, some rights reserved)

5 thoughts on “Tuna Fish Friday (a prompted poem)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have to laugh, though, at the irony that a post which took less than 5 minutes to create (and involved no conscious thought) would be liked by so many people. I like it myself, though, and it made my dad laugh, so it must have hit a nerve.

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