The Versatile Blogger Award (My Liberal Arts Education Is Finally Paying Off)


This colorful green (my favorite color) graphic came from charlottesville winter who has nominated me for this “Versatile Blogger Award”.  I was both honored and humbled to accept the nomination, but also a bit befuddled.  As a neo-Conservative on many Biblical and social issues, I’m often described as “intractable”, “closed-minded” and “judgmental”.  I thought – me, versatile?  So I looked it up and found a few clues as to how one might view me (and my blog) as “versatile”.  Since part of the requirements of accepting the honor is to write 7 things about myself, I’ll use 7 synonymns for “versatile”.

1.  “ambidextrous” – (or, as my dad likes to call it “amateur-dextrous”).  When I was growing up wanting to be a professional basketball player, and playing point guard, I learned to dribble equally well with both hands.  Now, I use both hands on the keyboard, allowing me to type as fast as (or faster than) I think.

2.  “conversant” –  I had a Physics professor in college who once said, “The purpose of a liberal arts education is to prepare you to have a dinner conversation with almost anyone in the world and be able to ask good questions.”  Instead of being a “jack of all trades”, I have studied and am equally deficient in 5 languages.

3. “facile”-  One of the sub-definitions of facile is “articulate”.  Another is “shallow”.  I take great pains in using language that is precise and descriptive.  As my blog indicates, I have “A Way With Words”.  Yet, it’s also true I often lack the integrity to back up my words with actions, which makes it easier to relate to me as a writer than as a husband or father.

4.  “plastic” – One little known fact about me is that after college, instead of pursuing an M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing, I chose to go to work in a factory that manufactured plastic bags.  Plastic catches a lot of heat from environmentalists for clogging up landfills and not being bio-degradable.  But, where we be without plastic?

5. “puttylike” – While I have over time developed strong opinions particularly about such things as Biblical issues, I can on various occasions be readily “shaped” by a convincing argument or an emotional appeal.  When I developed my Facebook profile, for instance, I listed my political orientation as “chameleon-like”.  I tend to take on the shape of the one with the strongest thumbs.

6.  “resourceful” –  If it didn’t require me investing in more costly education, I wouldn’t mind having a second career as a resource librarian.  When it comes to getting information about particularly trivial subjects (but also those worthwhile), I can be a good sleuth in solving the mystery.

7.  “varied” – As you’ll note, I like to address a number of subjects when I write.   I envy those who have maybe 3 “categories” into which all their posts fit.  I’m luck to keep my categories down to a number that would fit in a small football stadium.

So that’s me,  one versatile blogger.

Now, the second requirement of accepting the award is to nominate 15 other versatile bloggers.  Rather than just listing 15 blogs I follow (or bloggers who follow me), I think I will spend some time doing some research (after all, I am very “resourceful” – remember) and come back with a follow-up post within a week with 15 links.  I hope this satisfies the spirit, if not the letter of the award.

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