10 Reasons to Leave Your Psychiatrist

     O grant us help against the foe

   for human help is worthless.  (Psalm 108:12)

I have Christian friends who advise me to steer clear of psychiatrists who do not share my faith.  I believe though,  “God, can use even atheists to promote healing should God choose to do so.  I’ve had some excellent psychiatrists and some real stinkers.  During one period where it seemed I was getting one bad psychiatrist after another, I wrote a list of 10 ways to tell it might be time to leave your psychiatrist and I’d like to offer these to you, free of charge…

It’s time to leave your psychiatrist when s/he says…

     1)   Enough about your mother, let’s talk about mine.

     2)   Sure, the blue meds are working, but the pink pills are so much cuter.

     3)    In my professional opinion, you’re crazier than a loon.

     4)     Suicide, smooicide.

     5)     If you want a taste of E.C.T.  just stick your tongue to this car battery here.

     6)     What was that you said?  I was too busy picturing you in the nude.

     7)     Before we treat your O.C.D. I’d like you to clean out my garage.

     8)     You think you’ve got problems!  My Porsche has a flat tire.

     9)     I can see now why your wife wants to leave you.

     10)   You think, you’re fat because you care fat.


(“Psychiatrist’s Office….”from spike55151, some rights reserved)

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Leave Your Psychiatrist

  1. A little unrelated, I had a little online conversation with a christian. I’m a believer in the sense that I’m an ancient alien theorist. We were actually discussing helping random people begging for money and under consideration was whether they needed help or simply wanted money and were charlatans. Our mutual conclusion was that it is not all bad to lend Satan a hand up even though he proceeds to do mischief because someone else might see you modeling kindness and charity, and they might do likewise with others.

    • It’s an interesting theory, though I don’t think I share it. I think there are more than enough worthy causes (and people) to support that we do well to avoid charlatans as best we can.

      But thanks for sharing.

    • I am duly honored and humbled to accept your nomination. I am particularly surprised to be considered “Versatile”. I have been described, “Intractable”, “Closed Minded” and “Archaic”. But I think “Versatile” fits too. I will do my best to represent you and all those responsible for this nomination well.

      Thank you very much.

    • The first therapist I ever had actually used to get his clients to do projects for him if they were having trouble paying off their bills. I say, if you are fixated on something, you may as well get something productive done.

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