Sexy Syntax in WordPress


First, a disclaimer… this is not a list of lurid erotic posts found in WordPress.  It is a follow-up to an earlier post I did (reflecting on a section of Mark Tredinnick’s Writing Well) that describes the process of forming sentences for good writing as something like foreplay.

As I mentioned, I am Puritan enough to believe this intimacy is best reserved for the marriage covenant, but the analogy between the interplay of words in good writing and the dance of intimacy in a loving, holy relationship is sound.

To illustrate Tredinnick’s point, I’ve looked for WordPress posts that stitch together words in an alluring, suspenseful, even seductive way.  They have nothing to do with sex.  They are about relationships – between a man and his food, between an artist and her model, between a loving father and his daughter, as well as between the Creator and His created,

For some truly sexy syntax, check these out…

Bread Whine” (Logos con carne) bemoans a love lost, then describes his search to satisfy his hunger as best he can.

The Pygmalion Effect” (charlottesville winter) depicts a wonderfully suggestive, seductive relationship between an artist and a model.

The Big Leagues” (The Best Place By the Fire) tells the intricate, discreet details of a poker hand.

Blue” (Another Resolution) shares a lovingly intimate moment of a father bathing his child in a sink.

The Master Shucker” (Increase & Abound) draws an extended analogy from a childhood memory of a father shucking crabs.


(image “Words (IMG_5971a) by Alaskan Dude” from shallowend, some rights reserved)

3 thoughts on “Sexy Syntax in WordPress

  1. I sometimes attempt to produce a sense of musical flow into my words, being a musician. Sometimes I fail or even forget, but I want a sense of rhythm and dance, a bow, a curtsy, a graceful flow across the dance floor punctuated by an accidental bump. When I’m at my best I think I’m more of a tease, leading on in one direction and then providing a clever twist. But to seduce, that is an art best saved for someone more masterful than I. I can joke a bit, but I envy those who can immerse the reader and keep their rapt attention.

    • The world of writing needs plenty of good dancers (like you) to go along with the really great lovers (like Faulkner and O’Connor). Keep up the good work. And, thanks for dropping by.

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