Some (Rare) Good Writing on Politics


I thought I would follow up “Politics and Bad Language” with a post that points to examples where language is used well in addressing political subjects.  Several hours later, I began to feel a bit like Sisyphus rolling that huge boulder up the mountain (only to watch it tumble to the bottom when I thought I was finished with my task).  I was not able to find a single WordPress post tagged “Politics” or “Health Care” that I thought was worthy of highlighting.  So, I went to Google.

It took a few more hours of browsing, but I did find the following 7 posts (below) that I felt offered a refreshing alternative to the stale  rhetoric so often found in political discourse.  I will say some of these pieces are a bit longer than I usually recommend, and I don’t necessarily endorse any of the views you might find on their blog sites, but they do represent good political writing.

Why Barack Obama’s Healthcare Plan Owes You a Beer” (97.3 The Dawg) Inspired by his friend (and “right thinking American”) Earl Pitts, Bruce Mikells humorously illustrates a possibly unintended side effect of the new health care law.

Building a Better Health Care System: End of Life Care – A Case Study” (The Health Care Blog)  Dr. John Henning Schumann describes how one consensus decision not to prolong death turns into more costly medical procedures that offer no lasting hope.

I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” (The Blue Review)  Liza Long’s son Michael has a disturbing disorder that is yet-to-be-diagnosed.  She is increasingly unable to manage it and cries out for a better understanding of mental illness.

A Model T Education: Public Schooling on the Assembly Line” (Daily Censored) Adam Bessie identifies the shared philosophical roots of mass-producing cars in factories and mass-producing citizens in schools.  He concludes that current efforts at reform try to fix the factory instead of build new educational models.

A Long View of Afghanistan’s Wars” (New York Times Lens Blog)  Richard Oppel provides an extensive review of photo-journalist Robert Nickelson’s Photographs of the Wars in Afghanistan.  Nickelson won’t comment on whether a US pull-out in 2014 would be wise, but concludes the future outlook for the nation doesn’t look bright.

Pastor Jailed in Iran” (UMHB The Bells Online) Amid the debate on just how persecuted Christians are, this story focuses on one confirmed incident and calls for specific action.

What’s the Connection Between Abortion and Careers?” (Penelope Trunk)  Trunk uncovers first-hand the heart-wrenching cost of abortion without lapsing into the rhetoric of either side of the debate.

(image “Day 280 – Sisiphyus” from Menage a Moi, some rights reserved)

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