Some Good Writing on Faith in WordPress


I spent some time this evening exploring posts tagged “Faith” in WordPress. Before I share with you my findings, I should probably disclose some of my criteria for selecting “some good writing on faith.”  I’ll name three.

1)  Good writing on faith stays true to the (broad) parameters of the Biblical narrative.  I’m not looking to promote a particular theology here, but I do find truth best represented in God’s Word written (the Bible) and, most fully, made flesh (Jesus Christ).

2)  Good writing on faith conveys the Spirit of humility about what can be known, and a sense of awe about God’s wondrous creation.  The Bible says we are “stewards of the mysteries of God”.  Good stewards don’t explain away the mysteries, but learn to “contain the contradictions.”

3)  Good writing on faith reveals something extraordinary about the ordinary.

With these search tips in mind, I went on my quest and this is what I found….

The Parable of the Unscrupulous Judge” (21st Century Faith) examines a key ingredient of faith in the story Jesus told of a persistent woman.

Already/Not Yet.  Maybe.  We’ll see.” (Faith, Fertility, and the F Word) shares a brief cautious yet hopeful expectation of a pregnant father.

A Prayer for Guidance” (musings of a recent college graduate) uncovers an old prayer and lets it come to life in new ways.

“-pathy” (stay gold.) wonders about the uniqueness of feeling deeply the pain of others.

Glorious, Not Tidy” (It Goes Without Saying) describes a simple, yet profound revelation one busy mom receives in a conversation at church.

The Faith of God in Himself Now in Us” (Immortality Road) contends that the source and substance of the faith in us is God’s.

I Have In My Hands…” (Peaceful Partings) leaps from a quote by author Annie Dillard into the a well-worded reflection on good and worthy intentions for writing.

(image “Candle light” from Alesa Dam, some rights reserved)

2 thoughts on “Some Good Writing on Faith in WordPress

  1. Thanks for the honor of being included in your blog! I’m enjoying reading your posts as well. I think it goes without saying that you have a way with words…

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