Writing Posts Worth Reading on a Saturday Night

writing desk

There are probably better ways to spend a Saturday night than searching WordPress for good blog posts tagged “Writing”, but I couldn’t think of any.  So here goes…

Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose” (The Garden of Clio) provides a succinct review of a book that explores good writing through quality reading.

The Biology of Grieving” (charlottesville winter) blends a familiar poem and brief dialogue into a nice piece of microfiction.

The Emily Project: Part One/Life–X (A Precious, Mouldering Pleasure)” (Verasimilitude) continues a series of posts (described here) reflecting on the poetry of Emily Dickinson and what it has to offer us today.

92 year old blogger, calls the shots early, pulls blog” (Jeffrey Newton) shares the story of one man who blogs to tell the story of his grief over the loss of his wife, only to give it up when it intrudes on his personal life.

Get Published Or Die Trying… Or Would You?” (Bottomless Sky) includes a number of quotes from gifted writers and raises the question of our motivation behind writing.

Reading & Writing with Passion” (chrismcmullen) draws a poignant extended analogy between reading a book and going on a date.

All creative endeavors are, to some extent, selfish” (Cristian Mahai) points to The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling as a prime example of a book by an author courageous enough to admit she has selfish motives in writing.

Man Killed By Refrigerator While Grabbing Beer” (Richard Thayer’s AuthorWriteUs) reflects on a tragi-comic recent news story.

(image “My Writing Process” from alist, some rights reserved)

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