Overheard (and Adapted): A Writing Exercise

computer lab

Listen closely to a conversation going on around you – in a coffee shop or library or office.  When you have the opportunity, write up the conversation adapting the language to make it sing.

This (above) was a writing exercise I posted earlier today.  I was on a library computer and while I was writing, there was a rather animated conversation going on nearby.  Actually, it was more like a monologue.  It went something like this…

So I told her –  “You gotta get out and do something.  You can’t just sit around here on the couch all day.”  I don’t know.  Was I wrong?


I mean, enough is enough.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since she even went outside.  She says she’s depressed.  I say, hell, we all get depressed, but we can’t sit around and do nothing about it.  You know what I mean?


I don’t want to be cruel.  It know it’s hard.  When my dad died, I didn’t feel like doing nothing for months.  But there was bills to pay.  Children to feed.  You can’t just sit around watching TV your whole life.  Can you?


I don’t know what I’m going to do. It seems talking to her just makes it worse. She just looks past me and buries her head in that TV.  I’d like to throw the damn thing out the window.  I think it makes her more depressed.  Am I right?


Well, I guess I better get home, see if she’ll go out and get groceries with me.  It’s been good to talk to you.  You take care, man.

I’d love to hear your responses on this exercise, what I did well and what I could improve.  Also, if you follow this writing exercise prompt yourself, reply in a comment with a link where we might find it…

(image “Clearwater Main Library” from Clearwater Public Library System…, some rights reserved)

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