Potentially Praiseworthy Poems Posted on WordPress

In the tenth post of Christmas, I truly give to you…


Lately, I’ve been on a poetry kick.  I’ve been spending hours browsing posts tagged “poems” and “poetry” on WordPress.  I’m searching various websites that post classic poetry that has reached the public domain. I even tried my hand at writing a poem (my first in over 20 years), prompted by a post at Today’s Author.

I didn’t want all my poetic prodding to go for naught, so I thought I’d share with you a few selections, with links to the poems and poetry blogs I believe are worthy of your attention.  But before I get to the list, I’d like to share just 3 of the things I look for in a good poem.

1)  Illustrative detail.  Show me what sadness looks like – clearly.  Don’t tell me you are sad – over and over again.  Writing is therapeutic, but the casual reader shouldn’t have to play the role of the therapist.

2) Joy in the language.  I particular appreciate those few-and-far between poems that are playful and poignant at the same time.  Rhythm, alliteration, even an occasional rhyme or half-rhyme all serve to distinguish a good poem from the rest of the lot.

3) Meaningful imagery.  Really good poems can take a single word-object, like a diamond, and let it shine throughout the lines such that it stays with you for a long, long time.

Now… here are five poems (in no particular order) found one Friday night –

Carpe Diem #82 Withered Mums” (High Five and Raspberries) – Quite simply, the best example of haiku I’ve read in years.

A Poem for Victoria Justice” (Kidz Showz) – I liked many things about this modern romantic epic – I’ll name three. 1) It has creative rhymes. 2) It’s cute and creepy at the same time. and 3) It’s self-deprecating in its humor, yet smart…  Oh, and the hot philanthropist in the photo is a real babe.

Unit 5 Dementia” (Plucky Umbrella) – Both the look of this post and the poem itself convey the heart-wrenching experience of so many who struggle as their minds slip away.  This poem is gut-wrenching not because it tries to be emotional, but because it is true to something tragic.

That Girl” (River Song) – A hauntingly beautiful poem the depicts the pressure placed on what is precious.

Slipped Embers” (Bruised Bones) – On sleepless depression, but so nicely descriptive, it avoids being depressing.

(image “Writing” from Pascal Maramis, some rights reserved)


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