From India to Indiana: My New E-Pal

In my seventh post of Christmas, I truly give to you…


Will the world-wide wonders of the Internet never cease?

Yesterday, I noticed a “friend request” on my Facebook page with a name I didn’t recognize.  I decided to hold off confirming it for awhile.

Then, I checked my e-mail and found, much to my surprise and delight a message from a 12th grader in a parochial school of India.  I won’t mention his name in case he prefers anonymity, but I do want to excerpt his message to me so you can appreciate my enthusiasm.  The subject line read – “Must read – a kind imploration.”  After a brief, nicely self-deprecating introduction, he goes on to write –

You see,  I’ve been following this 14-year-old (i’m not sure though) Gabbie’s blog, an eloquent writer I must say, lately and only there I found you out. And when I probed further into your Gravatar profile, I came to know that you are an English major. As I said, I’m doing my high school, 12th grade in one of the not-so-esteemed institutions in India and I, an English-aspirant, intend to pursue only English in my higher studies as you did. In a word, English is my passion and it indeed, without a doubt, my everything. When my eye caught this phrase ‘former English major’, my mind just reflexed one thing ‘ Why don’t you befriend him?’. So, I just thought I could be friends with you if you are fine with it (and i do hope that you are fine with it). Befriending this simpleton kid would surely gets you nowhere, but me befriending an English scholar like you does get me almost everything just sitting in front of this 21″ screen. So, just think about it. And I’d even love to follow your blog too for which I need your blog name or at least any detail which could help me find your blog, for my efforts were in vain when I tried searching for it as I’m just a newbie to the blogging world, still trying to crack the rudimentary stuff. And I’d have even sent you a request on facebook and by any chance had you ignored it, just let me know. Hmph, I’m looking forward to a good friendship. Take care. 

There is so much I find wonderful about this e-mail, I’ll just name three –

1) Here is a 12-grader non-native who already has a better command of the English language (and a distinct writing voice) from which many of US folk could learn.  In clicking my Facebook, “confirm friend” button, I may have just started a relationship with the next Salmon Rushdie.

2)  His passion for the English language (and literature, no doubt) gives me hope that the “noble cause” I embarked upon when declaring my English major has not been totally lost in this abbreviated (omg, lol, wtf) techno-world.

3) I’ve been called “pastor,” “reverend,” “right reverend,” even “your holiness,” but “scholar” is a designation I neither deserve nor will lightly refuse.  Instead, with an air of (perhaps false) humility, I will devote myself all the more to reading the classics (or at least listening to them on audio) and promoting great literature for a new generation.

How about you?  What have been some of the best contacts you have made since you’ve entered the world of blogging and the Internet?  I’d love to hear your stories…

(image “India” from robynejay, some rights reserved)


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