Adam Lanza: Ill or Evil?

sandy hook

I was half-listening to some radio commentators this afternoon reflecting on the shooting at the Sandy Hook school when I caught one remark –

Maybe this will be the wake-up call for our nation that we desperately need to fund more mental health services.

Now, I am certainly in favor of funding mental health services.  Some of my best friends have mental illnesses.  I  have accessed services myself.  I certainly believe tax payer money could be wisely invested averting particularly potential violent offenders by paying for treatment rather than waiting for them to commit crimes that cost lives and/or spend even more money for trials and prison terms.

But what stood out to me in this comment and in the discussion that followed is the rather misguided assumption that somehow the latest secular psychology, psychotropic drugs, or positive self-esteem education can redeem the ills of our society.

It’s as if Adolf Hitler could have been cured with a healthy dose of haldol, talk therapy, and some anger management.  The reality, I believe, is that Hitler would no doubt have felt better about himself (provided the haldol didn’t totally knock him out) so he could have killed more Jews, homosexuals, communists, and general subversives.

Modern psychology is not the answer.

Education is not the answer.

Rules-based religion is not the answer.

To get to the answer we have to first acknowledge the problem that we face very real “powers and principalities” that are stronger than we can be alone or even with the best forces we can humanly muster.  We have to look for a faith-based relationship with the only One who can save us.


(image “unspeakable” from torbakhopper, some rights reserved)

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