A Few Good Christmas Books for Children (of All Ages)


One of my great pleasures as a father has been reading books to my children.  Christmas, whether it be in its pagan roots, its Christian-ized setting, or its modern secular form, is filled with stories.  I encourage you in this busy season to make room for reading, aloud or alone and here are some good books I would recommend –

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – Susan Wojciechowski (author), P.J. Lynch (illustrator).  This wonderfully written and illustrated book seamlessly weaves the Good News of the Christ child with the bad news of grief and loss.  Ultimately, hope outweighs sorrow.

This is the Stable – Cynthia Cotton (author), Delana Betoli (illustrator). This is a simple, beautifully rhyming story about the birth of Christ.  It’s a great book for parents or older brothers or sisters to read to young siblings.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Barbara Robinson.  A funny thing happens on the way to producing a “perfect” Christmas pageant as one church learns to reach children Christ came to save.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales – Dylan Thomas (author) Chris Rascha (illustrator).  With poetic prose, Thomas describes in vivid detail the joys and wonders of Christmases past in his homeland.  This is perhaps better suited for older children and adults, but would make a good read-aloud book at family gatherings as well.  Younger children can certainly enjoy the award-winning illustrations.

I’m eager to hear from you.  What good Christmas books would you recommend?


(photo of Michelle Obama reading from Official U.S. Navy Imagery, some rights reserved)

4 thoughts on “A Few Good Christmas Books for Children (of All Ages)

  1. I’ve read none of these – which is great because you’ve just given me plenty of new reading material with my munchkins!

    As for us, I really enjoy reading Silent Night, I believe it is both written and illustrated by Susan Jeffers. It tells the story of Christmas through the song, which is absolutely beautiful. During a recent trip to the library we were read A Bakers Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale. It was my first time hearing that story as well but it was an instant hit with a great message unfolding on the pages.

    Of course there’s the classic Christmas stories as well, like the Polar Express. Somehow the words on the page feel like magic as we read them. We’ve read it so many times my 4 year old son has some pages memorized!

    And finally, I’ve never gone a Christmas in my life without reading the original, T’was the Night Before Christmas, so we will of course be reading that one again this year!

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