A Habitat Prospect

habitat for humanity

While browsing through the job postings sent to me by Indeed.com, I was drawn to a position for a “Marketing Communication Coordinator” with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis.

My history with Habitat goes back to a summer internship I spent in Americus, Georgia at a place called Koinonia Farm.  Koinonia is a mission community founded by Clarence and Florence Jordan with some missionary friends – the Englands.  It was a place in the Deep South (before the Civil Rights era) where whites and blacks worked side by side as partners.  They shared their resources and introduced enhanced farming methods.

Somewhere in the 1970s, a disenchanted millionaire left behind his goods and moved to Koinonia.  There, with the spiritual friendship of Jordan and other Koinonia Partners, Millard Fuller conceived of what has now become an international organization to help build and provide homes at low cost for people of lower incomes – Habitat for Humanity.

While I haven’t worked much on Habitat projects over the years, I have followed their progress.  When I was a pastor in Upstate New York, a Habitat committee consulted me about a family they were reviewing for potential selection as owners.  I was thrilled to visit the family on their moving day and watch them become vibrant members of the community and church.

One other time, the church I was serving received an un-designated bequest and was led to tithe (give 10%) to worthy mission projects.  Habitat was a unanimous selection and we were glad to help them further meet their goals.

So, I eagerly sent an e-mail with my resume and a recommendation attached to the contact person with Habitat.  While they are advertising for a full-time candidate, I’m hoping my experience, skills, and willingness to work my way into the job doing an internship will work in my favor.  It’s certainly a worthy cause I would be honored to support.

Update:  I got a nice e-mail from the hiring director at Habitat informing me that the position had been filled.  I sent a reply thanking her for her personal response, indicating I still would like to support Habitat’s efforts in the coming years.  After I have a better sense of where my internship search is headed, I hope to contact Habitat back and see what help I can be.

(for more on job leads, check out “5 Reasons a Former Pastor Would Make an Excellent Copywriter“)

(photo of “Habitat for Humanity” sweatshirt from colincookman, some rights reserved)

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