5 Reasons a Former Pastor Would Make an Excellent Copywriter

yellow pages

This week I submitted an on-line application for a position as “Copywriting Specialist” with YellowPages.  Here is a job description –

This position is responsible for writing content for websites using customer supplied information as well as information from multiple internal and external sources, such as current and past advertising available through our company database, general information relevant to customer’s industry and related websites. This position will optimize website searches by the strategic placement and usage of relevant industry keywords and specific products and services supplied by the customer.

While I have technically not been employed in the field of copy writing or marketing per se, as a pastor for nearly 20 years, I am uniquely qualified to commit to such a challenge.  Consider these 5 reasons:

1) As a pastor, I took “customer supplied information” from the stories parishoners shared with me and weaved them into engaging “copy” (in sermons, pastoral letters, and newsletter articles) to motivate commitment.

2)  As a pastor, I consulted internal (prayer) and external (Bible) sources to shape language that might inspire fruitful action.

3) As a pastor, I consulted “current and past advertising” (looking at worldly trends and history) to reveal what God was doing in the world such that people could join in.

4) As a pastor, I placed a premium on listening to the language of the people, particularly on “keywords” that could be defined, utilized, or re-framed for positive ends.

5) As a pastor, I became aware of the skills and services volunteer members could provide so that the body of the church could function more effectively and reach out more compassionately.

I’m not sure I’ll get the position, but I hope to be in the running.  It sounds like an intriguing possibility, with some definite benefits.  You even get to wear jeans to work!

Update:  The Yellow Pages position was filled.  I’m not terribly crushed.  I actually prefer to wear khakis, anyway.

(for another job lead, check out “A Habitat Prospect“)

(image of “yellow pages usa” from Doug Beckers, some rights reserved)


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons a Former Pastor Would Make an Excellent Copywriter

  1. I agree, you are uniquely qualified, and I would hire you if in the position to do so. I am so glad to see you blogging again, and I am so impressed with your turning the challenge that so many of us despise, job searching, into an opportunity to hone and demonstrate your writing skills. You have always had a masterful way with words, as I am sure your parishioners appreciated. You obviously throw yourself into your job search with as much thoughtfulness and enthusiasm as you have thrown yourself into other contemplative endeavors over the years. I would offer that the theme of the most recent blog entry is a strong one, well stated and worth exploring further. I would imagine your readership will be a mix of potential employers, contacts, and fellow searchers appreciatively commiserative. I look forward to future blogs that, like this one, appeal to all three.
    Best wishes,

  2. As a pastor, and one who has also written and published multiple articles, messages, etc, I am fascinated in your journey here. At some point, I’d like to transition out of serving the church this way into one who serves a wider world with my writing gifts. Keep us posted with your progress and what happens to you as you enter this different time of life and work.

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