My First Brush with Success

job center

I went to the Job Center at the Central library this afternoon to continue my hunt for a writing internship in Indy that might lead to a rewarding second career or at least put food on my table and clothes on my back.  The Job Center is a partnership between the public library and WorkOne Indy.  I don’t know how it’s funded, but it’s free for folks like me.  (If I’m paying taxes for it, I would venture to say it’s a much better investment than football stadiums to replace ones that have yet to be paid off.)

At any rate, at the Job Center I met Joe Smiddie-Brush, an “Academic Career Advisor” with WorkOne (though he mentioned on the side that he was actually a government agent).  Joe helped me navigate the website  Indiana Career  where I posted a resume and did some job searching.  He encouraged me to attend a workshop and networking event held at the northern office of WorkOne.  He generally affirmed my desire to return to work and helped me feel like I was not alone in the hunt.

Before I left, I told Joe that in my past pastoral life I had created a blog and now I was thinking of starting a new one but wasn’t sure what to write about.  He suggested I write about my experience looking for work.  I thought, “What a brilliant idea!”  (Actually, part of the reason I thought it was brilliant was because I had it first a few days ago, but didn’t tell anyone.  It was as if Joe read my mind – a sure sign of brilliance.)

And that’s the genesis of this blog.  In order to give Joe his due, I am invoking my past privileges as a “man of the cloth” for nearly 20 years and declaring that Joe Smiddie-Brush is the patron saint of this blog.  Hereafter he will be referred to as “St. Joseph” and every comment he chooses to make on this site will be considered sacred and without error.  (Should this blog lead me to a job that pays well enough, I’ll also buy him one of those fancy pointy hats to wear when he sits on his throne.)


(“Job Center logo”, used by permission)

One thought on “My First Brush with Success

  1. Thanks for making me laugh Tony! I needed that.
    Remember that persistence and determination are 80% of your job search. Keep looking for ways to connect with employers and hiring managers. The jobs are out there, but how you go about finding them, and communicating with them, make all the difference.
    “St. Joseph”

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